Educational Indicators at a Glance

Quality Improvement Programmes:
Free Text Books
Free text books to all children studying at Elementary level. ( Primary & Upper Primary classes)
Teaching & learning material for students and teachers:-
  • Workbooks/worksheet to supplement the text books, small story booklets and modular library kits for students studying in  Primary classes.
  • Resource material for teachers i.e. teaching modules, manuals, Maths and Science kits, Academic Plan and learning Indicators  to  ensure participatory approach of teaching learning.
In-Service Teacher Training
For improving teaching learning processes & for professional growth of teachers in-service training is imparted to teachers every year. Similarly for School Leadership and Professional Growth orientation/capacity building Programmes are organized for    school heads / principals and CRC/URC Coordinators.
Annual Grants
  • School Grant for replacement of non-functional   school Equipments   &  for incurring other recurring cost such as consumables, play material,   games, sports equipment etc.   
  • Maintenance Grant  for improving  the school plant to provide better educational facilities.
  • Teaching Learning Equipment grant is provided to  purchase   teaching   Learning  Equipments for  new schools
Other initiatives for learning enhancement
  • BaLA Project  implemented in 98 Govt. Schools to make learning a joyful activity.
  • 07 Language labs and 20 Social Science labs were established
  • Exhibitions, Quiz and other competitions at School/cluster level.
Following 06 Research Studies :
  • Impact of In-Service training courses on teachers for improving their classrooms teaching
  • Research Study on students & teacher time-0n Task
  • Study on Enrolment in schools
  • Study on high dropout rate at upper primary level
  • To Review Effectiveness of Material Developed for Special Training Centres
  • An Impact Study of Multimedia Programme in increasing Learning Level of Children at Elementary Level.